Dry Eye Relief

Relief is what millions of dry eye sufferers are looking for.  The discomfort of dry eyes can not only be distracting and interfere with your life, it can also build and worsen with time.  Too often, people turn to artificial tears as their only solution, with little to no avail.  This is because artificial tears usually just temporarily relieve the symptoms  but don’t attack the underlying disease process.  As an example, someone with untreated high blood pressure may get headaches when their blood pressure becomes elevated.  Taking medicine for just the headache is like using just artificial tears for dry eyes.  It doesn’t address the underlying cause, which can lead to more serious problems down the road.  Our goal at Avalon Park Eye Care is to find the underlying cause and determine a customized treatment.  Since dry eye disease has many different contributing factors such as inflammation, lid margin disease, gland dysfunction, and environment just to name a few, we set aside some extra time at a dedicated visit to evaluate your condition.  Once we determine the factors causing your dry eye, we will design a treatment plan to revitalize your eyes and help you take back part of your life.

Lid Margin Disease and Blephex

Your eyelids may be responsible for more of your eye health than you think.  Itchy, dry, crusty, sticky eyes may be a result of uncontrolled lid margin disease.  Some current theories suggest that even mild, but chronic, lid margin disease may be a trigger for dry eye disease.  At Avalon Park Eye Care, we firmly believe in preventative care, and may prescribe a lid hygiene regimen before symptoms develop.  As with many conditions, it is usually easier to treat something in its early stages, before it gets out of control and much harder to manage.

For those that do have advanced lid margin disease such as moderate to severe blepharitis or Demodex, we offer an in office “deeper clean” called Blephex.  This process takes only minutes and thoroughly cleans build up biofilm and debris from the lashes and lid margin.  Take a look at the video below  to learn more.